Unfilled cabinet positions 2020

Donald Trump assumed office as President of the United States on January 20,and his term ended on January 20, Before confirmation and during congressional hearings a high-level career member of an executive department heads this pre-confirmed cabinet on an acting basis. The Cabinet's creation was part of the transition of power following the United States presidential election.

unfilled cabinet positions 2020

This page documents the confirmation process for any successful or unsuccessful Cabinet nominees of Donald Trump 's administration.

They are listed in order of creation of the Cabinet position also used as the basis for the United States presidential line of succession.

Cabinet of Donald Trump

All members of the Cabinet of the United States require the advice and consent of the United States Senate following appointment by the president before taking office.

The vice presidency is exceptional in that the position requires election to office pursuant to the United States Constitution. Although some are afforded cabinet-level rank, non-cabinet members within the Executive Office of the Presidentsuch as White House Chief of StaffNational Security Advisorand White House Press Secretarydo not hold constitutionally created positions and most do not require Senate confirmation for appointment.

The following have been named as Cabinet appointees by the President of the United States. For other high-level positions, see the list of Donald Trump political appointments. Due to Trump's lack of government or military experience and his political positions[84] much interest was expressed in the media over his cabinet nominations, as they were believed to show how he intended to govern.

Trump's proposed cabinet was characterized by the media as being very conservative. It was described as a "conservative dream team" by Politico[85] "the most conservative cabinet [in United States history]" by Newsweek[86] and "one of the most consistently conservative domestic policy teams in modern history" by the Los Angeles Times.

In terms of total personal wealth, Trump's cabinet is the wealthiest in modern American history. BushBill ClintonGeorge W. Bush and Barack Obama. Only three other U. Presidents are in the same range: William McKinley three out of eight Cabinet positions, or Despite being nominated promptly during the transition periodmost cabinet members were unable to take office on Inauguration Day because of delays in the formal confirmation process.

By February 8,President Trump had fewer cabinet nominees confirmed than any prior president two weeks into his mandate, except George Washington. Trade Representative on May 11,more than four months after his nomination.

Choosing members of the presidential Cabinet and other high-level positions is a complicated process, and began before the November general election results were known.

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In the case of the Trump campaignhis former rival for the Republican nomination Chris Christie was appointed to lead the transition team in Mayshortly after Ted Cruz and John Kasich suspended their campaigns thus making Trump the presumptive nominee of the party. In addition to various other responsibilities, the transition team is responsible for making preliminary lists of potential executive branch appointees—at least for the several dozen high-level positions if not for the several thousand lower-level positions—and doing some early vetting work on those people.

The transition team also hires policy experts over in the case of the Trump transition team by Octoberusing primarily federal funds and federal office space, to help plan how the hypothetical-at-the-time future Trump administration will implement their policy-goals via the various federal agencies and departments. After the election in Novemberwhen the ticket formed by Trump and Pence defeated the Clinton and Kaine ticket as well as various third party opponents, the transition team was quickly reshuffled and expanded; Mike Pence was given the lead role over Chris Christieand several additional top-level transition personnel were added to the transition effort, most of them from the now-finished campaign effort.

During the remainder ofthe team continued finding and vetting potential nominees for the various positions, as the Electoral College process was ongoing including recounts in some states where the winning margin was relatively tiny and before the presidential inauguration in January Trump had earlier announced Mike Pence as his pick for vice-presidential running mate in Julywhich was shortly thereafter confirmed by the delegates to the Republican National Convention when they officially nominated first Trump and then Pence.

Although most positions were simultaneously under consideration by the transition team, the official announcement of offers, and the public acceptance of the offers, usually happens gradually as slots are filled Richard Nixon being the exception.

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For purposes of historical comparison, this chart only includes Cabinet roles, and not the cabinet-level positions. However, note that the number of Cabinet positions has varied from administration to administration: under Nixon there were twelve such roles inwhereas under Trump in there are fifteen.

After Election Daymedia outlets reported on persons described by various sources as possible appointments to senior positions in the incoming Trump presidency.

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The number of people which have received media attention as potential cabinet appointees is higher than in most previous presidential elections, partly because the Trump '16 campaign staff and associated PACs was significantly smaller and less expensive, [] thus there are not as many people already expected to receive specific roles in the upcoming Trump administration. In particular, "Trump ha[d] a smaller policy brain trust [policy group] than a new president normally carries" [] because as an anti-establishment candidate who began his campaign by largely self- funding his way to the Republican Party nomination, [] unlike most previous presidential winners "Trump does not have the traditional cadre of Washington insiders and donors to build out his Cabinet.

There were dozens of potential running mates for Trump who received media speculation including several from New York where Trump himself resides. Trump's eventual pick of Governor Mike Pence of Indiana was officially announced on July 16,and confirmed by acclamation via parliamentary procedure amongst delegates to the Republican National Convention on July 19, CNN President-elect Joe Biden has yet to announce several key roles in his incoming administration, including attorney general, labor secretary and commerce secretary.

Vice President Joe Biden with his wife, Dr. Biden's goal was to have all -- or most -- of his remaining Cabinet selections announced by Christmas, a transition official previously told CNN, but prospects for reaching it are dimming. The nominee for attorney general is no longer expected to be announced before Christmas, a person familiar with the matter tells CNN, as Biden continues deliberating on one of the most high-profile positions in his incoming administration. Here are the positions that haven't yet been announced, and the people who could potentially be nominated for the roles:.

Attorney general. Read More. From left: Sen.

Here's which Biden Cabinet and other top roles haven't been announced yet

Doug Jones of Alabama and Judge Merrick Garland are seen as the two most likely choices for attorney general. Deval Patrick for the role. CIA director.

unfilled cabinet positions 2020

Secretary of commerce. Tom Steyer, a businessman and former Democratic presidential candidate, Meg Whitman, a major GOP donor who launched an unsuccessful bid to be California's governor and ran Hewlett-Packard and eBay, and Mellody Hobson, the first Black woman to chair the board of directors at Starbucks and a co-CEO of the asset management firm Ariel Investments, are being considered for the nominee for commerce secretary.

Secretary of education. Connecticut Commissioner of Education Miguel Cardona. CNN has reported that Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona is Biden's pick for his education secretary, according to two people familiar with the matter.

A formal announcement could come as early as Wednesday. Secretary of labor. Andy Levin of Michigan, independent Sen.

Unfilled Or 'Acting' Positions In Federal Agencies Delay U.S. Response To Epidemic

Small business administrator. Diana Taylor, who previously was New York's superintendent of banking, is being considered for the role of small business administrator.The rate of turnover among senior level advisers to President Trump has generated a great deal of attention.

Below, we offer two sets of resources to help measure and contextualize this turnover. The first set of resources tracks turnover among senior-ranking advisers in the executive office of the president which does not include Cabinet secretaries ; the second set of resources tracks turnover in the Cabinet. The following chart and table reflect turnover among the most influential positions within the executive office of the president.

It is important to note the following:. Highlighted text indicates a position that went through multiple instances of turnover; see below for more details. One of the limitations of this approach is that it does not consider multiple departures within a single position, a common phenomenon within the Trump team.

The chart and table below are dedicated to tracking turnover in the Cabinet. They will also be updated as additional turnover occurs. Notice of updated methodology The current table of Cabinet-level turnover has been updated from a previous version, accessible here for referencethat was based on a different methodology; this change was made on May 21, This newer table provides data going back to President Reagan and adheres to a strict definition of Cabinet by only including the heads of the executive departments.

While presidents often promote a position like EPA administrator to Cabinet-level status, these appointments are ad hoc, can be short-lived, and make it difficult to compare over time. Given the variability, we only include Senate-confirmed Cabinet members who are in the presidential line of succession, since this allows for greater consistency and standardization. Year of departure is determined by the date a Cabinet member announced they were resigning, regardless of their final end date.

Report Produced by Governance Studies. Viewed as a leading, independent voice in the domestic policymaking sphere, the Governance Studies program at Brookings is dedicated to analyzing policy issues, political institutions and processes, and contemporary governance challenges.

Our scholarship identifies areas in need of reform and proposes specific solutions to improve governance worldwide, but with a particular emphasis on the United States. State Department Lt. Ret Keith Kellogg, Jr. He was succeeded by Hope Hicks, who resigned Feb. Stephanie Grisham subsequently took over both the communications director and press secretary roles. The data reflect an attempt to track just a single deputy position and note the successor.

However, there is minimal publicly available information on presidential staffing. The same is true for White House Counsel. On Feb. Kelly U.Journalist Garrett Graff talks with NPR's Mary Louise Kelly about how vacancies throughout the federal government have hampered the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic. At this moment, there is an acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, an acting homeland security secretary and an acting director of national intelligence, who also happens to be the U.

Acting officials, numerous vacancies throughout the executive branch - these have been hallmarks of the Trump presidency.

Journalist Garrett Graff says they are also a big reason the administration has mounted a chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic. He is with us now. Hey there, Garrett. KELLY: So I should add, that list I gave was actually incomplete; there is also an acting secretary of the Navy - a new acting secretary of the Navy, I'll clarify - who also happens to be the undersecretary of the Army.

The head of ICE has been in an acting role so long at this point he can't even be referred to as acting anymore, so he is the, quote, "senior official performing the duties of the director.

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GRAFF: It is unprecedented in modern times, the depth and breadth of these acting appointments and vacancies across the U. KELLY: And I will note, the length of some of these vacancies, too - you mentioned homeland security, the Department of Homeland Security today marks one year exactly, if I'm not mistaken, that the top job there has gone unfilled. The deputy secretary job is also vacant and on and on. And both the deputy director and the director of national intelligence are both acting officials.

And as we find ourselves, as the U. I mean, why is this a problem when it comes to this specific coronavirus crisis? GRAFF: Well, so one thing is - you know, the Department of Homeland Security is the agency that is supposed to be protecting the homeland and responding to disasters. Actually, both of FEMA's deputy roles are unfilled, including the role that is supposed to oversee continuity of government.

unfilled cabinet positions 2020

That is sort of the role meant to ensure that we have succession plans in place and plans in place in case we end up in a situation where our government leaders get sick, as Boris Johnson in the U. They're doing daily briefings. They've done a long one this afternoon.

They're people out there. They're visible. They're doing their jobs.Members of the Cabinet of the United States in the Biden administration will assume office after the inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20,and after confirmation by the United States Senate.

In addition to the 15 heads of executive departments, there will be nine Cabinet-level officials, with three positions being elevated to Cabinet-level, and one position being dropped. All permanent members of the Cabinet of the United States as heads of executive departments require the advice and consent of the United States Senate following appointment by the president before taking office.

The vice presidency is exceptional in that the position requires an election to office pursuant to the United States Constitution. The president may also designate heads of other agencies and non-Senate-confirmed members of the Executive Office of the President as Cabinet-level members of the Cabinet. The Cabinet meets with the president in a room adjacent to the Oval Office. The following have been named as Cabinet appointees by the President of the United States.

Attorney General Announced January 7, Secretary of the Interior Announced December 17, Secretary of Agriculture Announced December 10, Secretary of Commerce Announced January 7, Secretary of Labor Announced January 7, Secretary of Transportation Announced December 15, Secretary of Energy Announced December 17, Secretary of Education Announced December 22, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Announced December 10, Secretary of Homeland Security Announced November 23, United States Trade Representative.

Below is a list of confirmations for Cabinet positions, Cabinet-level positions, and other significant positions that were approved through the Senate from January onwards, by a recorded roll-call voterather than by a voice vote. On November 7,it was announced that Democrat Joe Biden defeated the incumbent president, Donald Trumpin the presidential election.

Joe Biden received electoral votes compared to Trump's electoral votes, with needed to win the presidency. He assumed office on January 20, Kamala Harris D-CA was elected vice president of the United States, receiving electoral votes, compared to the incumbent vice president, Mike Pencewho received electoral votes. The vice president does not require Senate confirmation as the vice presidency is an elected position [a] and the vice president does not serve at the president's pleasure.

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Having assumed office on January 20,she is the first female vice president of the United States as well as the first African American and Asian American to hold the second-highest office. The following cabinet positions are listed in order of their creation also used as the basis for the United States presidential line of succession.

A nomination for Secretary of State is reviewed during hearings held by the members of the Foreign Relations Committeethen presented to the full Senate for a vote.

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Tracking turnover in the Trump administration

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